About Elle Tea

Hi. I’m Lauren.

But you can call me:
Laurbot / LT (Elle Tea)
Lolo / Tyler
Blondie / Blonde Kid
Aunt Lauren / Hey You
Starsky / Princess Peach
No longer in my 20s, I was actually more excited to turn 30 and beyond. I’m completely okay with it – no midlife crisis, no nightmares, no sleepless nights. I have a feeling the next couple years will exceed my expectations. 30+ has already been an amazing experience and 2017 alone has brought many adventures and creations.My friends will probably tell you that I’m defined by my obsessions and ideas, so I’ll share the some of my greatest:

  • I’m not a fan of needles but I have no problem getting three tattoos in one sitting.
  • I LOVE TEA – black, earl grey, green, orange, lemon, etc.
  • Music Mashups – think Pitch Perfect, Glee, Girl Talk, or streaming on 8tracks.
  • Words, Words, Words – any book, every book, owning books / theater / podcasts / websites / blogs – you name it
  • Lists – books I want to read, books I own, movies to see, presents to buy, nail polish, tv shows to watch, Starbucks mugs, songs to listen to, wine to try, etc.
  • Cupcakes – making, baking, eating, decorating, collecting crazy cupcake paraphernalia. I have a lifetime supply of paper cupcake wrappers for every occasion (including a Star Wars themed birthday party).
  • Babies. Enough said.
  • Jane Austen – I think I need to go to Austen Anonymous, and I may own potentially 6 or more copies of Pride and Prejudice, including two in a different languages.

Along the journey, there will be more to share, and all my favorites, but right now, I’m totally crushing on:

  • Best Self Journal
  • USPS Informed Delivery
  • Mimosas
  • 100 degree weather
  • Hum Nutrition Vitamins
  • Shakespeare
  • Creating podcasts
  • Exploring Boise, Idaho, and beyond

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